5 de out de 2009 | By: @igorpensar

Twitter: come and follow me!

By Igor Miguel (from Brazil)

Jesus said, 'Come and follow me'. If he used Twitter I'd follow him certainty. But just how to follow the man of Nazareth discipline me as a human being, in some instance the Twitter concept is disciplining me as an amateur blogger. It took me a release from the academic tendency to write articles and not "posts". The Twitter disciplined me to avoid redundancy and prolixity. I feel myself comfortable I don't feel compelled to write and to put all content in a "post" alone, I can divide it. Comfortable for those who write and comfortable for those who read.

Anyway, I will post my experience with Twitter concept for almost 3 months of user (without prolixity, I hope).

A lot of people saying that twitter is a narcissistic tool, as it is a lot of people saying a series of banalities like, I'm gonna go to the bathroom, I'm at my grandmother eating hot dogs, watching Dr. House and so on . I don't know if this can be considered narcissism, probably there is a "audience" interested in the privacy of the subject "followed", but most times no one has the patience to read such reports snapshots.

I found a secret, Twitter is good according to their criterion of subjects (or institutions) to pursue (them). My Twitter network has a lot of people and institutions that interest me, the production of mini-content interests me. I follow friends, academics, writers, readers of my blog, researchers, collectors of comic books and strangers who produce good content, indicating books, create interesting sayings, indicate breaking news and also those whose post trivia, and again, I like as my friend Marcos Custodio @marcoscustodio describing his pleasure in eating a pie at the free market with his family.

I will stop here (you see as twitter discipline me?), after all, I don't want to write something that you do not support reading, the philosophy is the same and you do not need to get my cross. In Him, I think so! @igorpensar

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